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Fix Your Pantry Girl

Like many of you, I look to find organization with a crazy & busy schedule, a child, two dogs, and a husband... At this current moment I have 3 huge baskets of CLEAN laundry in my laundry room just waiting to be brought up stairs and put away. It's in the back of my mind, it's on my "to do" list on the frig but I still haven't done it. I haven't found time. And I can honestly say, I haven't made time.

It's these kinds of things that we constantly think about and eventually have to do. So when I realized yet another thing was unorganized, my pantry, I again put it on my to do list. This time, it plagued me as these tasks sometimes do to us mothers. I took to Pinterest to find a solution and of course came upon beautifully organized pantries. They were HUGE and every single item was in a gorgeous container, labeled and sorted.

Well, my pantry is about 2.5 feet wide and 7 feet tall with 5 shelves. I live in military housing (My amazing husband is a Marine) and this is all I have to work with. I knew that containers were a must to get rid of all the over crowding boxes so I went to Amazon and searched endlessly for the right AMOUNT of containers with labels of course and for the best price.

I FOUND THEM. A set of 14 containers of 3 different sizes. A few clicks on my phone and Prime was on it! My beauties arrived a few days later and I wasted no time cleaning out that pantry and organizing. Isn't it funny how once we put our minds to something, it gets completed quickly and in our opinion "perfectly". In no more than 20 minutes my pantry went from over loaded with things falling out every time I needed something, to having an abundance of free space.

THIS WORKED FOR ME! I highly suggest buying any kind of container set for your pantry. It'll make getting dinner together, after a long day, easier. Your child's snacks will be readily available and we all know what a hungry child is like. Also it'll make you happy every time you open that door. And when Mommy's happy, the house is happy.

Cheers to another job well done Momma!

Containers I bought:

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